Saturday, April 30, 2011

Project 3 - Sketchbook design - "Junk Food Nightmare"


  1. Hi Leah!

    Dreams (nightmares?) of ice cream??? Haha! Pretty funny!

    The overall scene is balanced and the message reads well. Some suggestions:

    - the purple background is very dark, especially with the dark ice cream creatures. I'd encourage you to brighten the purple. It will make a big difference when you go to print.
    - to give more individuality and visual interest to the ice cream creatures, color them all a little bit differently. While all of them can be chocolate brown, some might be more on the reddish-browns, darker browns, greener-browns, etc. We're not talking major color shifts here. Just a few degrees to distinguish them from one another.
    - the girl is colored mostly flat. So try to share around the form. The little lighting indication you have seems to be coming from the top right. So just emphasize that a **little** more. It's especially needed on her skirt, the rope around her body, and her hair.
    - to make the arm and hands of the ice cream creatures read better, add a rim-lighting. In some places, the arms disappear over whatever is behind (mouth, background color, etc.)
    - it'd be nice to have more visual interest in the background (texture? pattern?), but if you add it, it should stay subtle so it doesn't compete with the foreground
    - your main protagonist, the girl, is slightly off center. The easiest fix is to crop about 2 to 5% off the left side of the image to shift the center to the right.

    To show you some of those suggestions, I've uploaded a partially reworked version on this webpage (click on this LINK).

    Have fun with it, spruce it up some more! It's pretty fun!